This was a good week.  I had a CT scan on Monday and a PET scan yesterday — and I even went to work in between!  Whole days!  (Sortof — 9:30 to 6ish.)

Results of CT scan: tumor has shrunk 75% from 12×6 cm to 6×3 cm.  There is no other mass or abnormal activity in neck, chest, abdomen, or pelvis.

Results of PET scan: “The current study represents a striking improvement when compared to the 7/2/2012 PET/CT … the anterior mediastinal mass today is much smaller and the activity much less intense.  This is consistent with significant response to therapy.  There is again no abnormal metabolic activity outside the chest to suggest involvement of more distant lymph node groups.”

So, YAY!

We have a lovely weekend of music and friends and dining planned, and then I go back in to get a port (THANK GOD — here I come yoga!) and start Round 3 on Monday.

Much love,


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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